Dorothy Fulop - Pitch Specialist | Founder

A creative problem solver with a never used degree in architecture, Dorothy Fulop is the founder of Pitchcamp.

A brand strategist and pitch deck specialist, Dorothy has crafted a way to pour herself and her uniqueness into what she does for a living, with so much passion that is clear to see as soon as we start talking.

It started with a degree and a graduation dinner at a restaurant, where she picked up her first gig as a graphic designer - the perfect story of the stars aligning. The things that she loved about her architecture course, and the intricacies of design, seemed to take her in a direction that she didn’t know existed at the time. As she started working, she started problem-solving for clients, which she later discovered was brand strategy.

A self-confessed ‘weirdo’, Dorothy has an infectious energy about her, even on the Zoom screen. She shares fears of not fitting in, shrinking and squashing before finally surrendering to being herself in every aspect of her life.

“It feels good to finally allow yourself to not behave in a certain way and to just be."

She works with startups primarily, working in the tech space to help them get funding from pitches and craft their brand strategy to be found by their ideal customers in the right places and at the right time.

Bringing emotion into everything she does is now celebrated rather than hidden and woven into how she works with her clients.

“It is still fascinating when people just love you for what you do and don’t criticise that."

We chat about work and home and the weird things she loves that other people don’t seem to see, one of which is, surprisingly, cheap pens. Holding one up to the camera, it is a BIC, the kind you get in a multipack with the coloured lids. She has a penchant for pens but not the kind we would assume; her favourite is actually one from a hotel in Arizona that she picked up five years ago and is somehow still going strong.

She is based at home; in a land you perhaps wouldn’t expect. Hungary is where her house is, surrounded by deer and wildlife, quite the contrast to the image of Silicon Valley that often goes hand in hand with what she does and where her clients are.

With an accidental side hustle and problem-solving full time with her company, Pitchcamp, Dorothy runs a board game store with her husband. What stemmed from a passion for board games quickly turned into an e-commerce beast with its own warehouse, with floor to ceiling shelves of every board game you could dream of, an impressive sight, all organised and neatly in their places, facing the right way too.

Organisation is something that appears in other areas of her life, namely on her bookshelves, with a spreadsheet to organise each book, sorted into various categories such as read status, type of book, and notes on each one once it is read.

Talking of books, we spoke about her collection, that it is impossible to choose a favourite, and that she never looks at the price tag before buying one. A mantra to live by, I am sure you will agree.

We turn the conversation back towards work, specifically her why.

She shared that it is the business version of how her brain works. The weirdest ideas and lots of emotions are appreciated in that field since she works with very technical clients who are geniuses but have a hard time communicating their ideas in a way that makes others care.

Over time, she experienced amazing ideas not catching up due to a lack of great presentation, and so, she wanted to create an equal playing field for the real innovations, not just the well-presented ones.

Her most recent work was a silent pitch that changed the game for what she does and how she felt about her industry. A bold move that made her realise that this could actually be something really big, it was a pitch that had no slides, and no words spoken for seven minutes. It went down a storm, and it all started with a weird idea, something that they weren’t expecting.

“That is when I first felt like that I am not just doing something, but I am good at what I am doing."

She tells me that only 1 in 400 startups that pitch get the funding. That is 399 that don’t make it. Even more pressure to stand out in this competitive space, so how does she do it? Dorothy shares two things; emotions and empathy. Two things that she shares in her pitches and with her clients, getting them to understand the emotions behind what they do, no mean feat considering she works heavily with tech companies. But that is how she does it, a secret formula and one that is so aligned with who she is as a human.

I love nerds, and I don’t know why, but they love me. Maybe they know I am one of them? We have really good chemistry - me and that guy who never usually talks to girls.

Dorothy has an engineering background, so she can talk the talk in the tech space, but it is her ideas and her energy that wins the hearts of the aforementioned nerds.

Ideas are a hot topic, as before working in brand strategy, she was never really encouraged to explore them, but now her whole business is built on thinking differently, and offering creative solutions to everyday business challenges.

Dorothy has been a PRO member of 3point175 for almost a year now, and she shares that it has transformed her work into a business, made her successful as well as insanely confident, but most of all, it made her her.

You can find Dorothy via Pitchcamp Agency and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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